Brooks Strause

    The record, "The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause", was written in the early months of 2012 after I went through a break-up and responded by getting heavily into mysticism. I was smoking a lot of hash and was in a state of constant prayer; devouring esoteric information, doing several tarot readings a day, and devising and performing Magick spells and rituals.

    "I originally envisioned the record to have a fifties-era rhythm and blues sound, then later decided it could benefit from a greater level of detachment. I asked Pat Stolley if he would produce and he agreed. This is the first of my seven solo albums not to be produced or co-produced by myself. It was an incredibly interesting experience to totally relinquish control over the sound of the album. Till this time, I don't think I had had enough trust in someone else or the set of songs to be able to let go. Pat did an excellent job and it turned out to be one of my favorite records I've made." -- Brooks Strause, February 2014

    Brooks Strause was born in Muscatine, IA. From age 13, with his dad's guitar, he started playing and singing. After teenage punk bands, Septic and Marvin's Hour of Power, he started the Heart Attacks with fellow song-writer Ben Driscoll, performing until 2003. He also co-founded and played in the Old Scratch Revival Singers until 2009. He recorded Apostatize! in Davenport, produced by Paleo with Brooks Strause. Played Daytrotter's Barnstormer 2 tour, moved to Iowa City, and put together the backing band, the Gory Details.

    Over the years, Brooks has opened for Dawes, William Elliott Whitmore, Simon Joyner, the Daredevil Christopher Wright, Kurt Vile, Greg Brown, Poison Control Center, Dax Riggs, Mac DeMarco, and Murder by Death.

    He wrote The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause in 2012, and made the album with Pat Stolley in 2013. Brooks approached Pat to make the album, with Brooks laying down vocals and guitar, and leaving the rest to Pat. Pat played bass, and called in fellow musicians, Phil Pracht (drums), John Gamino (keyboard), and Jeff Jackson (guitar), to help round out the record.



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    The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause (CD)

    The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause (Compact Disc) October 9th, 2015

    The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause (Vinyl)

    The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause (Vinyl) October 9, 2015