Devin Frank

    I have been a lifelong Midwesterner – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri – save for a 3-year stint living in Vienna, Austria. I’ve been actively recording and playing live since 2000, most notably in The Poison Control Center, in which I predominately played guitar and sang. Initially the band was a vehicle for Patrick Tape Fleming’s songs (now of Gloom Balloon), but as the band progressed we began playing songs by each of the members. I usually had 3 or 4 songs per album on our last few records ("A Collage of Impressions," "Sad Sour Future," and "Stranger Ballet," all released on Afternoon Records). PCC toured regularly from 2004-2011, including 274 shows during a 13-month period from 2010-2011 in support of our albums "Sad Sour Future" and "Stranger Ballet." The band has been on hiatus since 2011.

    During a month off from that tour, in 2011 I started Mantis Pincers with several fellow Des Moines musicians. I wrote and sang each of the songs on our self-titled cassette which was released on Red Nude Tapes ( in August 2011. The band has been praised by Pitchfork’s Marc Hogan ( and Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich ( The first pressing of the cassette sold out in one night. The second pressing was available for a little longer. It’s currently out of print.

    I returned to Columbia, MO and by 2012 I was recording demos at a faster clip than I had before. This led to a backlog of about 25 songs, 9 of which I am just now releasing. Around this time, I began playing bass in the heavy psych band Flïïght, and in the soft-psych country band Jowlz. I recorded an album of calmative instrumental music with Steph Foley, "Dreamworld Wandering," that was self-released on cassette in October 2014.

    In April 2014, I started the Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band with Steph Foley (flute, sax, guitar), Josh Cochran (bass), and Ted Sharp (drums). Josh and Ted are both also in Flïïght and Jowlz. "The Vanishing Blues" is my debut solo recording. This record was recorded primarily by myself in Colorado Springs, CO and Columbia, MO, with the help of Steph Foley (flute, sax, background vocals), Josh Cochran (bongos), and Ted Sharp (coconuts, drums on “Thought Design”).

    The lineup for Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band:

    • Devin Frank (obviously)
    • Steph Foley (flute, sax, guitar)
    • Josh Cochran (bass)
    • Ted Sharp (drums)
    • Taylor Bacon (tambourine, bongos)





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    The Vanishing Blues (CD)

    The Vanishing Blues (Compact Disc) July 15th, 2016

    The Vanishing Blues (Vinyl)

    The Vanishing Blues (Vinyl) July 15th, 2016