Land of Blood and Sunshine

    Land of Blood and Sunshine is a six-piece rock band, started in 2008 by Joel Downs and Nicholas Beard. From Marshalltown, Iowa, the band plays shows all over the Midwest, including a Daytrotter session in 2011.

    Their first record, "Magick Carcass Ride", recorded -- de rigueur -- in a basement, as a break from their other bands, met with support from friends and let to several online reviews. As a result, they decided to make it a live experience, and added keyboardist, Danielle Downs, to their current guitar (Joel) and drums (Nick). More albums and touring commenced, with other band mates welcomed, and they played numerous live shows around Iowa.

    Land of Blood and Sunshine toured and played several shows on the East Coast during the summer of 2014 with Modern Life is War. In August 2015, they played on the main stage at River Roots Live festival in Davenport, Iowa. Their current lineup includes, Joel Downs, Nicholas Beard, Bo Becker, Garrett Goodman, Bryan Leger, and Danielle Downs.

    Their music has become more complex, and influences from Roy Orbison to Black Sabbath can be heard on their 7" record and four full-length LPs. Their live shows give meaning to the word performance, with intense beats, mesmerizing chanting, and a psychedelic orgy of sound. As Joel puts it, "I’m a little punk kid at heart, so I will always have a soft spot for some loud fast crap shit".

    "It's likely that the devil dances to the sounds of Marshalltown, Iowa's Land of Blood and Sunshine. It's likely that he loves what he's seeing out of these kids, hailing from a city in the center of the state, just out of the way of much else." -- Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

    "I cannot stop singing my praises about Land of Blood and Sunshine - the LoFi Psych Pop Outfit from Mashaltown, Iowa. It touches me like a foot kicking a bucket." -- Marcus, Dying for Bad Music

    "Land of Blood and Sunshine are so different from what I normally listen to and so different from anything I really come across. They are very unique and oddly beautiful at times. They feel familiar, like a recurring nightmare that you wake up from in a panic, only to be reminded that you’re alive. They have both the panic and the relief all built in." -- Dave Murphy, Des Moines Music Coalition



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    land of blood and sunshine hi res cover art
    land of blood and sunshine hi res cornfield

    PHOTO: Mike Watson

    land of blood and sunshine hi res live

    PHOTO: Jon Burns

    land of blood and sunshine hi res fire

    PHOTO: Mike Watson

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