The Dawn

    For over a decade The Dawn has been conjuring up magical, soulful live performances with amazing grooves and stellar improvisations. On The Dawn’s new endeavor they’ve captured their explosive live performances in the studio.

    “Wooly”, the new album from The Dawn not only draws from their past influences like The Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers, but has some of the pop sensibilities of Ryan Adams, quirkiness of NRBQ and the soulful vibe of 60’s to retro R&B.

    “Wooly” has the feel and sound of a 1970’s jam band classic and a lot of that is due to the freedom they gave producer Pat Stolley (Co-founder of in the studio. “Wooly” was recorded at Stolley’s Rock Island, Illinois FutureAppleTree studio. He is known for his use of analog recording techniques and use of multi-track recorders, and was the perfect choice for The Dawn’s “Wooly” sound.

    The Dawn did not hold back and give you a saccharin version of their live shows. They jammed out and created the perfect complement to what you can always expect to see when checking them out live.

    The Dawn have been making the jam band fest circuit in the past few years and always getting the invite back, including Summer Camp, Phases of the Moon and their own festival, “Dawn and On”, which draws over 1,000 people each year.

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    Wooly (CD)

    Wooly (Compact Disc) July 7th, 2017

    Wooly (Deluxe)

    Wooly (Deluxe Vinyl) July 7th, 2017

    Wooly (Vinyl)

    Wooly (Vinyl) July 7th, 2017